Fieldfare Modelling

Model Build

Financial models rarely exist to simply add things up and calculate an answer.  Your thoughts, conversations with colleagues, decisions ; financial models are there to support all of that and that is our focus in the services we provide.

There’s a social context driving modelling informed by stakeholders in a project or business.  Whilst “computation” is our most familiar verb in considering a model’s purpose, in the context of a wider project team and the maturity of a project or transaction a model can also exist to aid judgement (is it worth following this particular tender) ; to achieve compromise – there is no right answer but one of several ways could be followed ; to provide Inspiration – the sector is new, what could we achieve?

Our model design is informed by an awareness that each model serves a different purpose at different stages of its life

our approach and what you can expect

All our models are created to allow you to engage with them.  We work with you throughout conception, build and commissioning so you gain familiarity and trust in the product you are receiving.
You can expect:

  • Iterative model development
  • Regular feedback
  • Rigorous testing
  • Shared workspace for model versions


Our models are based upon the FAST Financial Modelling Standard which promotes transparency, ease of review and makes our models easy to adjust as the project or business situation matures.

We apply a standardised and modular approach which means we can call upon skilled modellers when needed for those larger assignments, modellers who recognise the structure and approaches being applied.